Why is the Shire asking the community about its green spaces?

    The Shire keeps a maintenance schedule which governs how it cares for its green spaces. For example, an oval, classed as type 'A1' by the Shire, is scheduled to be mowed weekly. A green space classed as 'F' - usually natural bushland - would be mowed or slashed every six weeks. 

    This community conversation is your opportunity to tell us whether our maintenance of SJ's green spaces meets your expectations - and if not, how we can improve. 

    Who should be providing feedback on SJ green spaces?

    This engagement is open to residents of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale. 

    What green spaces do you want me to comment on?

    The green spaces community conversation is for feedback on Shire-managed green spaces only.  Some green spaces may be privately owned or managed by other organisations such as the National Trust. 

    How much green space does the Shire have to maintain?

    The Shire has more than 954ha of reserves and public open space, all of which requires maintenance.  

    How many reserves and parks does the Shire have to maintain?

    The Shire has 178 managed reserves and parks, which includes:

    • Six active irrigated sports fields
    • 97 local neighbourhood parks, including gardens, lawn, unirrigated areas, playgrounds and nature play.
    • 80 natural area reserves.

    What type of maintenance work does the Shire have to do?

    The Shire's dedicated parks and gardens team take on a variety of activities to ensure that our green spaces are well maintained, and fit for purpose.

    These activities include, but aren't limited to:

    • Mowing or slashing
    • Gardening, including pruning and hedging
    • Mulching
    • Planting
    • Weed control and spraying
    • Turf renovations
    • Reticulation inspections
    • Playground inspections.

    These activities are performed as part of a schedule, but may also take place on an ad-hoc basis. 


    What about playgrounds? Does the Shire have to manage those?


    The Shire manages 45 playground or nature play areas. Regular maintenance means that these are fun and safe places for families.

    The Shire is responsible for:  

    • 60 shade sales
    • More than 4,000 square metres of mulch soft fall areas for playgrounds
    • More than 3,000 square metres of sand soft fall areas for playgrounds
    • More than 2,000 square metres of rubber soft fall areas in playgrounds
    • There are also more than 800 playground components including goals posts and skateparks.

    In addition, the team maintains 23 bore pumps within parks.

    What different classifications of green spaces are there at the Shire of SJ?

    For the purposes of caring for our green spaces, the Shire groups them into 10 categories.

    The categories and some examples are below. But if you want to provide feedback on the maintenance of a Shire green spaces, don't worry about these categories too much - this is for guidance only. 

    Type Description Examples 
    A1 Active parks - sporting fields and ovals, irrigated, intensive maintenance and high-end community presentation. Clem Kentish, Mundijong Oval, Briggs Oval. 
    A2Active parks – irrigated facilities.
    Serpentine Sports Reserve (Pony and Polo Club).
    A3Community facilities with gardens and lawn areas, may have playgrounds.   Includes skateparks, tennis courts, cemetery.
    Byford Community Centre Reserve, Jarrahdale Cemetery, Mundijong Scout Hall Reserve.
    BLocal neighbourhood parks which contain garden beds, trees/shrubs, lawn, irrigation and playground equipment. May also be associated with drainage areas including lakes.
    Clem Kentish Reserve, Turquoise Reserve, Kalimna Oval Reserve.
    C1Streetscapes – managed verges, roundabouts, medians, public access ways and raingardens.
    Enfield Elbow public access way, urban road verges. 
    C2High end feature gardens associated with community facilities.  
    Shire Admin and Civic Centre gardens. 
    D1Passive local neighbourhood parks – unirrigated, limited functions.
    Darling Downs Reserve. 
    D2Passive local neighbourhood – unirrigated gardens/lawns, playgrounds/nature play, lakes/drainage.
    Whitby Falls Reserve, Jarrahdale Cemetery Drainage, Old Hopeland School Reserve.  
    EVerges – rural verges, bridle trails and tracks, street trees.
    Byford By The Brook, Old Dairy Court Bridle Trail.
    FNatural areas – predominately bushland, with some managed public use, natural bushland and wetland areas
    Byford Central, Serpentine Cemetery Reserve Bushland, Percy Nairn Place.


    How many parks and gardens staff does the Shire have?

    The Shire currently has 26 parks and gardens staff. This includes: 

    • Five streetscape and gardens teams
    • One tree pruning team
    • One qualified playgrounds maintenance officer
    • Five mowing and slashing teams
    • Two irrigation officers
    • One weed control officer. 


    I've had my say - what is the Shire going to do with this information?

    The information that you and other community members provide as part of this engagement will be presented to Council and used by the Shire to inform future green space maintenance schedules. 

    Everyone who takes part in the survey, and provides their email address, will receive a copy of the survey results and key findings.