What is a health hub?

    Health hubs are about having multiple health services located in one place. 

    A health hub is a place where multiple different health, social, and community services are located, usually in the same building. For example, a health hub might include a doctor’s surgery, psychologist, radiology clinic, and physiotherapy under one roof. 

    Hubs are different from hospitals, which are usually larger, and focus almost exclusively on health problems (especially when they are very serious). However, hubs may often partner with hospitals and even deliver some of the hospital’s services in a more local context. 

    Hubs are a way of implementing a modern approach to health care called "place-based systems of care" which creates convenient places in the community where people can go to receive all kinds of care, in a convenient and connected way. 

    In designing the Byford Health Hub, we will need to determine the right mix of social and health services based on the needs of the community – and consider how they will work based on a range of factors, including the money available to run them, the organisations that might deliver them and the model of integrated care.

    Will the community be consulted about the Byford Health Hub?

    The Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale community will play an important role in ensuring that the services and design of the health hub are suitable to local needs.

    As part of the health hub program there will be robust community and service provider consultation and engagement to provide input into the health hub. 

    These opportunities will be communicated and published on this website.

    Where will the Byford Health Hub be located?

    The health hub is intended to be built in the centre of Byford as part of the Byford Town Centre.  More on the town centre can be found here.

    Further details about the location and plans will be provided as soon as available.