What is the purpose of the Community Perception Survey?

    The Community Perceptions Survey aims to:
    · Measure overall perceptions of the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale;
    · Evaluate community perceptions of selected services and facilities;
    · Identify community priorities;
    · Provide benchmarking and historical analysis (where available);
    · Determine whether perceptions differ across the community (by selected geodemographics such as age, gender, where they live, etc.); and whether these differences are statistically significant.

    Why does the Council undertake a Community perception Survey every two years?

    Council Policy 1.3.4 Community Survey requires that a community survey be undertaken at least every two years to gauge the level of success the Shire is achieving in its delivery of local government services. The previous community survey was undertaken in 2018.

    Who was invited to participate in the survey?

    A hardcopy of the survey was mailed to 2000 randomly selected households from the Shire’s owner occupier rate role across the Shire. An email invitation to complete the scorecard was emailed to another 2000 randomly selected email contacts, which were drawn from within the Shire’s customer contact databases.

    Residents who did not receive a copy of the scorecard or an email invitation to participate, were still able to participate by completing the scorecard online via the Shire’s website and Facebook page.

    How will the Shire use the results of the Community Perception Survey?

    The Council received the results of the Community Perception Survey at its February 2021 meeting and will use the priorities identified through the annual budget setting process, through the review of corporate plans and in advocacy with State and Federal Governments.