Why is the Shire developing a Concept Plan for the building?

    In June 2021, the Serpentine Jarrahdale Council approved the relocation of the Shire’s Library Services to Byford Hall, as well as the development of a Concept Plan for the old library building in Mundijong to accommodate the Shire’s Council Chambers.

    Is the building going to be demolished?


    Who is developing the Concept Plan?

    The Shire has appointed IA Design, a leading design and architectural consultancy based in Perth, to assist in the development of the Concept Plan.

    Hocking Heritage + Architecture have also been engaged to assist with researching and preparing the heritage brief for the project, which will also inform the Concept Plan.

    Why does the Shire’s Council Chambers need to move?

    Last year, the Council adopted a Feasibility Study which outlined a staged approach to address the long-term staff accommodation requirements for the Shire.

    This involves providing the appropriate facilities for our community and staff, and the first step in the process is the re-location of the Council Chambers back to the old Road Board Office building, freeing up space in the current administration building for staff.

    Will the community have an opportunity to be involved in the Concept Plan?

    Yes. Advertisement of the draft concept plan for the Council Chambers commenced on Wednesday, 11 May and closed on Thursday, 2 June.

    How much will it cost to deliver the upgrades to the building for the Council Chambers?

    Preliminary Budget forecasts for the development of concept plans, detailed design and refurbishments works are between $2.8 million and $4 million, depending on the final specification and the extent of construction cost escalations (which have been increasing at a fast pace recently). This includes works associated for both the Serpentine Jarrahdale Road Board Office building and Shire administration building staff amenity improvements.