Water Investigations

    How many bores have been drilled at the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation's (DWER) request?

    To date, the project team has drilled bores to both shallow (superficial) and deep (Cattamarra) aquifers.  

    The superficial aquifer did not provide the required amount of water necessary to support Stage 1A delivery. 

    Ten test bores were originally drilled in the shallow aquifer, as recommended by the Shire’s Hydrologist consultant. 

    When it was concluded that the shallow aquifer would not yield the required amount of water, DWER approved drilling one production bore and one monitoring bore into the deep aquifer. As such, two bores were drilled into the deep aquifer. The project team has now closed out the H2 water investigation and results have been presented to the DWER for assessment and approval for Stage 1A water allocation.

    The total number of bores drilled across the site for water investigation is now at 12. 

    How many samples/reports have been provided to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation?

    Findings from all bore drilling exercises have been forwarded to DWER on completion of each drilling campaign, as per the Shire's licence requirement. This amounts to approximately five reports, over a period of 1.5 year period.

    Why does the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation require reports?

    DWER is the governing body over ground water resources in Western Australia. Water resources are managed under six separate water resource management acts.

    Under section 26E of the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914, a Form 2 -Information to be provided on completion of a non-artesian well is to be completed for each bore.

    Under Section 9 of the Water Agencies (Powers) Act 1984 outlines the general functions of the Minister for Water, including:

    • conserving, protecting and managing water resources.
    • assessing water resources
    • planning for the use of water resources
    • promoting the efficient use of water resources
    • promoting the efficient provision of water services
    • preparing plans for and providing advice on flood management.

    What fees and charges has the Shire paid to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation for this project?

    No fees or charges have been paid to DWER.