Why is the Shire engaging on the project?

    We're actively involving our community in this project to ensure that the sport and recreation precinct aligns with their needs. Later this year, the Shire will advocate to state and federal governments for funding to develop the Briggs Park Precinct, essential for our expanding community. 

    How will my feedback be used?

    Your feedback will be used to inform the development of the Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre and Precinct Master Plan.

    Who will make a final decision on this project/initiative?

    Council will approve the final concept designs for this project.

    What is a Master Plan?

    A Master Plan outlines a shared long-term vision for a space or place. It's a dynamic long-term planning document that provides a framework for future growth.

    Will we see the final Master Plan

    Yes, the Master Plan will be published later this year.

    How many different sports take place at Briggs Park?

    Briggs Park serves as the primary hub for various recreational activities, including AFL, diamond sports, BMX, cricket, skateboarding, and youth facilities. Additionally, the recreation center houses amenities such as basketball and volleyball courts, a gymnasium, a performance space, and accommodates numerous other user groups. The park is managed by the YMCA on behalf of the Shire.

    What else is happening at Briggs Park?

    Briggs Park is undergoing an exciting transformation, beginning with the development of a new Byford Skate Park as part of its rejuvenation. You can also learn more about the upgrades to the Byford Skate Park and explore the feasibility study for the proposed new pump track going into the reserve here Byford Pump Track Feasibility Study

    How does Briggs Park relate to the new Keirnan Park development?

    As Keirnan Park evolves into a central hub for our sporting groups in the future, we recognise the immediate need for a facility that caters to our current clubs and users. Once Keirnan Park is operational, it will serve as a significant addition to our recreational landscape in a shire poised for continued growth. Share your thoughts on Keirnan Park's development by clicking here.

    When will the Recreation Centre expansion take place?

    While no specific date has been set, the concept design marks the initial phase of the Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre's development. Later this year, the Shire will actively advocate to state and federal governments for funding commitments to support this upgrade.

    What's the name of the consultant collaborating with the Shire?

    Otium Planning Group Pty Ltd